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Fellow Shooters - January 2013

I hope your 2013 is off to a good start. Ours is, only it’s really cold here in Iowa. Frigid temperatures here in the Midwest have severely hampered our shooting and hunting opportunities for a few weeks, but it hasn’t diminished our enthusiasm! For those of you in warmer climates, we’re envious of the extra trigger time you get and can’t wait to hit the range.

We just returned from the Shooting, Hunting, Outdoor Trade Show (SHOT) in Las Vegas. For those of you not familiar with SHOT, it’s the largest and most comprehensive trade show for the shooting sports, hunting, and law enforcement industries. Manufacturers representatives for firearms, ammunition, components, shooting accessories, optics and much more were on hand to display their new items for 2013, as well as their existing product lines. It’s THE place to be if you’re in the industry.

While much of the show was abuzz about recent shortages of ammo, firearms and components, there was a lot of concern about what legislation may materialize. Hopefully common sense and the “good guys” will prevail. While the political debate was lively and entertaining each night, we spent the four days scouring the show floor for a “sneak peek” of what new products are coming soon to make our hobby even more enoyable. Perhaps a few of these hot items will make it into our 2013-A Sinclair catalog, which we’re working on right now and should be in your mailbox in mid-March.

Here are a few of the reloading product highlights from SHOT that I found exciting:

• Redding Reloading introduced several new products, and two of them looked really interesting. Redding’s Micro-Adjustable Taper Crimp Dies will save valuable set-up time when adjusting for that perfect crimp while running your progressive press. The Redding Master Hunter Series Die Sets – consisting of their Full-Length Sizer and Competition Seater—look to be great for reloaders who prefer standard full-length dies (non-bushing style), yet demand the accuracy of a micro-adjustable seating die with sliding chamber sleeve.

• RCBS has a couple of items that we’re excited to see—their Universal Case Prep Center and the Summit Single Stage Reloading Press. The new Prep Center combines their popular power case trimmer unit with six motorized stations for case preparation. This all-in-one unit would be a workhorse for any high-volume reloader’s benchtop. The Summit Press operates from the top of the bench, in an “arbor press” fashion. The case is fixed in the shell holder and the user operates the press handle to force the die down onto the case, opposite of a traditional press. It looks really slick with no linkage below the bench top.

• Forster Products’ new Datum Dial Ammunition Measurement System is a highly innovative tool where you simply change dials to allow the measurement of a bullet’s ogive, cartridge headpace, overall length, and more. It attaches to your calipers and provides the data needed to help refine your case sizing and bullet seating operations.

• Both Hornady and Lyman released extra-large Ultrasonic Cleaning units. Hornady’s will accept a complete 16" AR-15 upper, and the Lyman accomdates a 24" Remington 700 barreled action! Both are excellent tools for gunsmiths, armorers, gun clubs, and guys like us who shoot a lot! Great for pistols, parts, cases, and other items as well.

I could carry on for hours about all the exciting new products we came across at SHOT Show 2013. Talking about them is great medicine for a severe case of wintertime cabin fever! You can keep up with what’s new by frequently visiting our website and clicking on the New Products icon. There are hundreds of new items that have just been released or will soon be available over the next few weeks.

Let me wrap things up by reminding everyone of the Brownells Gunsmith Conference and Career Fair in Des Moines, IA, on March 27-28. Be sure to pass the word along to any up-and-coming gunsmiths, or anyone interested in a career in the firearms industry. The fair will provide the opportunity to speak with industry representatives and trade school affiliates, attend various seminars and workshops, as well as obtain valuable advice for future endeavors. Visit the registration page if you’d like to attend.

As always, don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and give our Sinclair Reloading techs a call at 260-482-3670. They’re standing by to help get you started in reloading, offer product suggestions and recommendations, or even solve that bullet seating dilemma that has you stymied. They’re a passionate bunch—in fact, all of us are here. Our job is our hobby, and helping our customers means the world to us.

Until next month…shoot straight and take care,

All the Best.

Geoff Esterline