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Sinclair Bullet Drop Rods are designed to remove bullets that are lightly stuck in the throat/rifling. The drop rods are dropped down the barrel from the muzzle end with the rifle standing upright. Sinclair Bullet Drop Rods are not designed to dislodge or knock out loaded (live) rounds. These are great to keep in your range box to use when a cleaning rod is not available. The Bullet Drop Rods can also be used to remove bullets used to determine seating depth with a Hornady or Sinclair Seating Depth Tool.

Sinclair Drop Rods are brass and they will not harm stainless or chrome moly barrels. Each set includes two rods - a three sixteenths of an inch diameter rod for 20 caliber through 25 caliber bores, and one fourth inch diameter rod for 6.5 through 416 caliber bores.

Sinclair, Issue:5B, Page:221
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