Long-Lasting Lubrication & Corrosion Protection That Won't Attract Sand, Dirt Or Contaminants

Endorsed by the U.S. Navy Seals. Lint-free, saturated with a high-tech cleaner, lubricant and rust preventive for all metal. Leaves invisible, water-displacing, corrosion-inhibiting, protective film that will not attract dirt or dust. Resealable pouch. Marine - For metal exposed to salt water spray. Tuf-Glide - Rust inhibitor and lube in a needle-tip bottle or pen-style applicator that fits in the pocket. Just a drop on high friction areas makes parts glide with ease. 8 oz. Tuf-Glide Liquid - Use to “recharge” the Tuf-Cloth. Dries quickly, leaves no tacky residue; waterproof, won’t wash off, won’t thicken in cold weather.

Big Book Catalog, Issue:70, Page:348

SPECS: Tuf-Cloth - 12" (30cm) x 12". Tuf-Glide - ¼ (7.4ml) oz. needle applicator pen; 1⁄2 fl. oz. (15 ml), applicator bottle; 8 fl. oz. (236.5ml), plastic bottle.

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Size: 12 x 12