Lt. Col. William S. Brophy, USAR, Ret. 616 pages. 9" x 11". Hardbound. The massive lifetime work of the 1903's premier authority, this is the complete, authoritative masterpiece on the subject. His exhaustive research took Brophy into some of the rarest collections in existence, resulting in more than 1,500 first-quality photos of all models of the gun, its appendages and accessories. Such excessive documentation makes the book a history classic too. It follows the rifle through both World Wars, tracing its development and detailing accessories, appendages, racks, bayonets, scabbards, sights, various models and much more. In fact, everything about the rifles! With the extreme popularity of the Springfield 1903 rifles through the years - a fascination closely akin to an auto buff's love for classic cars - this book is a monument to these rifles, passionately and wonderfully presented. A must for every gun lover and collector - covering one of our most famous and best loved military rifles in detail and with superb documentation never before attempted or achieved.

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