Prevents Damage When Installing Barrel On Surgeon Or Remington 700 Action

Easy-to-use alternative to old-fashioned T-handle action wrenches is specifically designed to prevent damage to receiver when installing and removing barrels. Lets you torque a Remington 700 or Surgeon Rifles action as close as possible to the barrel threads to eliminate unwanted twisting or bowing of the action that can result in distorted bolt raceways and other expensive damage. Inserts in the ejection port; the two “ears” fit in the raceways at the front ring. Insert a ½" drive ratchet handle or torque wrench and tighten/loosen the action to the barrel. Works on any length action.

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SPECS: Steel, black oxide finish. Fits Remington 700 and Surgeon Rifles receivers. Do not exceed 100 foot pounds torque.

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