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Brownells is proud to introduce the ultimate Magna-Tip screwdriver set for the professional gunsmith or serious hobbyist. The Professional Super Set contains 120 Magna-Tip bits—the largest selection we’ve ever offered in a Magna-Tip set. Custom grinding bits for a proper fit, or having to put a crucial project on hold while you wait for a specialty screwdriver to arrive are worries of the past, because you’ll always have at your fingertips the correct bit for almost any gun screw. Proper-fitting bits prevent damage to screw slots, so when you’re done the screws are in pristine condition—a sure sign of truly professional gunsmithing work. Made from the same hardened steel used in high-speed industrial impact drivers, these bits are hollow-ground for a no-slip seat in the screw slot, and are precision-balanced to transmit maximum torque smoothly and evenly to the screw. The set includes 75 straight, 4 Phillips, 17 hex (Allen), 11 Torx®, and 13 specialty bits for sights, scope mounts, grip bushings, Ruger ejectors, and other unique applications, plus the handy Magna-Tip Choke Tube Wrench and a hex-to-square adapter that lets you use your Magna-Tip handles to drive ¼" drive sockets. The kit’s seven driver handles ensure you have the handle best suited to any situation. You get the full-size #81 Handle, #84 Hollow Handle, magnetic Law Enforcement Handle, Law Enforcement Hollow Handle, Compact Law Enforcement Handle, the popular Stubby, and our Magna-Tip Ratchet Handle. The heavy duty, three-way Ratchet Handle provides extra leverage for maximum torque transfer to tighten or loosen stubborn screws. The set is also available with all of the above items, including the Ratchet Handle, plus our Adjustable Torque Handle. The Torque Handle ensures you apply the exact amount of required torque in 1 in-lb. increments from 10 to 70 in-lb. to eliminate guesswork and prevent over-or under-tightening critical screws. Both versions of the set come with a sturdy benchtop storage block to organize and store all the bits and handles. The Professional Super Set is truly the most versatile screwdriver system you’ll ever use—and quite possibly the last one you’ll ever have to buy!

Big Book Catalog, Issue:73, Page:260
Big Book Catalog, Issue:73, Page:445

SPECS: Hardened steel bits, high-density plastic handles, Delrin bench block. Ratchet Handle – Stainless steel shank, plastic handle. Torque Handle - Steel, aluminum housing with synthetic rubber cover, and high-impact plastic handle.