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Fellow Shooters - April 2014

Even though it's still chilly here in Iowa, we are starting to get a few warm days - finally! Wherever you are, I hope you've been able get out to the range and fire some shots. We are getting to the absolute best part of the year for us shooters.

Competitors shooting the 500 yard stage during the Sinclair East Coast Full Bore Nationals. More info below.

One thing sure to help warm up your spring is the 2014-A Sinclair Catalog. It's just been released, and should be arriving in your mailbox very soon, if it's not already there. If you like, you can order a free copy here, or you can also see the whole thing in an online PDF version right now. We packed it full of the best products we could find, and we're really excited about the new items.

Check out the brand new Sinclair/L.E. Wilson Micro-Adjust Bullet Seater. This great new die lets you quickly adjust bullet seat depth in .0005" increments, and instantly read your adjustments on the graduated scale. These are on our website now, available for 15 popular cartridges!

Long-range varmint and target shooters will love the Weaver T-Series Riflescope with the fine target dot and 36x magnification. For the avid reloader, we have Back 2 Brass case cleaner that works in your ultrasonic cleaner, or all by itself to make your brass cases sparkle like factory new. If you appreciate high-quality glass, don't miss the new models of Leica Binoculars, including the range-finding Geovids.


We are very proud to offer the new Duplin Rifles Rorer Spec Bipod. It's called "Rorer Spec" because championship F-class shooter and Team Sinclair member Jeff Rorer provided the design parameters. In fact, Team Sinclair won the F-TR team portion of the 2014 Sinclair International East Coast Fullbore Nationals using Rorer Spec Bipods. Incidentally, Team Sinclair is still undefeated - going back to 2004!

Team Sinclair member Dan Pohlabel shooting 1,000 yards during the Team Match.

Team Sinclair receiving awards for winning F-TR at the Sinclair East Coast Fullbore Nationals. L-R Derek Rodgers, Robert Steketee Jeff Rorer, Dan Pohlabel, Ray Gross, presenting awards Peter LaBerge.

We've got some new optics coming in. Check our website for the newest hunting scopes from Burris. The Droptine is specifically for hunters, and the Predator Quest scopes are set up to help you make precise shots on fast-moving predators. Also new are the SHV scopes, the first Nightforce scopes made for hunting. Now you can get the same type of high-quality glass for your hunting rig that you use on your tactical rifle or long-range competition gun.

For you AR-15 shooters, the new Vortex Strikefire II should fit the bill perfectly. It's an updated, improved version of the Strikefire that is so popular with AR shooters because of its straightforward, instinctive, heads-up target acquisition, easy-to-use controls, and the ability to switch between a red or green aiming dot.

Here's some really good news: we have bulk Federal XM193 5.56 back in stock. Yes, you read that right! How long has it been since we've seen this AR ammo available in quantity?

And the fact that loaded ammo in popular calibers is coming back means the availability of reloading components is steadily improving. If the powder, primers, or bullets you've been waiting for aren't in stock just yet, just be patient for a bit longer. It's getting there. It might take a little bit, but supplies are coming back.

Next month, we're off to the 42nd Annual Kelbly's Super Shoot, May 21-24, in North Lawrence, Ohio, and I can't wait. This is one of the premiere benchrest shooting events of the year, and it attracts hundreds of competitors from all over the country, plus several foreign countries. We always have a great time at the Super Shoot. Sinclair International will have a tent there and we'll be giving out free snacks and drinks. Be sure to come on by and hang out for a while. We can't wait to see all our old friends again, and make some new ones!

But first, later this week on Friday through Sunday, we will be at the "NRA Show," the 143rd Annual NRA Meetings & Exhibits, in Indianapolis, Indiana. It's at the Indiana Convention Center, right in beautiful downtown Indianapolis. If you're going to be there, make sure you visit us at Booth #5565 to say "hi" and check out all the Sinclair brand products we'll have on display, including a couple new products a lot of reloaders are going to be very excited about. Mum's the word for now – you'll just have to visit our booth to find out what I'm talking about!

All the Best,

Geoff Esterline
Sinclair International