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Fellow Shooters - January 2015

We just got back from SHOT Show 2015. What a whirlwind! Four days of non-stop activity, early morning to late at night. We met many old friends and made new ones, too. And we saw some really exciting new products. Keep a lookout: as this year progresses, we'll be adding new items to our lineup just as quickly as we can. Be sure to check our website regularly for the latest additions.

We had a chance to meet up with four members of Team Sinclair at SHOT. These guys live all over the country, and it's rare to find that many of them in one place, unless it's a shooting match. As I reported back in November, Team Sinclair won another championship and set another record. They are some of the most amazing F-TR shooters around, and their string of wins is incredible. They're a great bunch of guys, too. We really enjoyed spending time with them "talking shop" about some of the new gear on display at the show. We even managed to get them to pause in front of the Sinclair booth long enough to get a photo.
Nosler's new Accubond LR Bullets
Nosler's new Accubond LR bullets combine
match-grade accuracy with rapid expansion for hunting.
Also on Sinclair.com: Nosler LR Accubond Bullets. These bullets give the highest possible ballistic coefficient for a given caliber/weight, but still give rapid expansion and energy transfer on soft targets. Designed to be great hunting bullets that deliver match-grade accuracy, they're proving to be extremely popular. We offered them for pre-order on Sinclair.com, and almost immediately our entire first shipment from Nosler sold out – before we even received it! If you try to order them, and they come up "out of stock," just sign up for an "Alert Me When Available" notice so you can get your chance to try these amazing bullets ASAP. We're slated to get a lot more, and soon.
Brass — stock up on the good stuff!
The outlook for powder continues to improve, and we keep getting in more of it. Click here to see our current selection, including big names and popular types. We've also got lots of the most-trusted names for high-quality brass, like Norma, Lapua, and Nosler. Stock up now and get going on your reloading, as the shooting season is closer than you think!

This is one of the most exciting times to be a shooter. All the top companies have unveiled new gear at SHOT. And every day, the sun shines just a little longer, which means we'll once again have nice warm weather to spend time doing what we all love so much – pulling triggers.

Geoff Esterline
Sinclair International, Inc.