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Fellow Shooters - June 2014

Summer is really here - finally! - and the best way to welcome it is to get out to the range. One of our Reloading Techs, Corey Schwanz, is preparing for the upcoming Shooting Industry Masters, a competition just for people who work in the firearms industry. And our good friend Kelly Bachand (Top Shot - Season One contestant) is gearing up for the National Matches at Camp Perry. We'll keep you updated on how they do. Meanwhile, this is the time of year to get out and burn some powder! We have some deals just as hot as the summer sun to help you do just that!

We have three smokin' hot sales going on from now until the end of June. Check out the low price on Berry's 115 gr 9mm pistol bullets. And we're selling volume packs of 22 caliber 40 gr Hornady V-Max bullets at prices you haven't seen since 2012! To help you load all these bullets into ammo, we're running a special on the Chargemaster 1500 Combo. You won't find a better deal, so if you've been thinking about upgrading your powder handling tools, this is a great opportunity!

Some very good news: we're seeing primers come back into stock. We again have a few rifle and pistol primers from Remington, CCI, and Winchester, with more on the way.


A new Sinclair house product we're very proud of is the Sinclair/L.E. Wilson Micro Click-Adjust Bullet Seater Dies. Easy to turn and easy to read, these make precision bullet seating depth adjustments a snap - or should I say "click"?! We have them for 15 popular cartridges, or in our new our Hand Die Sets that include a Sinclair Arbor Press, Die Base, and a full set of L.E. Wilson dies.

New Sinclair/Wilson Hand Die/Arbor Press kit including the Micro Click-Adjust Seater Die.
VCOGs are here! By now, just about everyone knows about Trijicon's Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight, or ACOG, that's been used for many years by the U.S. Military and various law enforcement departments and agencies. Now, Trijicon has introduced the VCOG, an upgraded, variable-power version of the ACOG that gives you the ability to zoom the magnification from 1-6x - with all the same high-quality and dependability you've come to expect from an ACOG. We have some of them in stock already, and you can pre-order the other models from us. Don't wait! Get yours now at this link. A few options are available now, with plenty more in the works.

Ammo keeps flowing back in stock. I'm not saying you can get every load for every cartridge your heart desires, but we have some fantastic bundles of really popular cartridges like 9mm, 5.56 NATO, .223 and 7.62x51. They come in watertight plastic ammo cans. Im so glad I can say this again: Load up now!

Lastly, a lot of you will really like the new MGM Throw Scope Levers, especially you 3-Gun shooters. Most scope throw levers are brand- and model-specific. What makes these new universal throw levers great is that they will fit just about any scope out there. Just buy a few, and you'll be able to upgrade all your variable-power scopes with a fast-to-use throw lever.

These are just some of the highlights of new products that have come in recently. Don't forget to keep checking our web site to see our latest new product additions, and be sure to see the deals we put up on our Sale & Clearance page.

So enjoy the summer. I truly hope you can get outside with friends and family, and get in plenty of range time!

Until next month...shoot straight and take care.

All the best,

Geoff Esterline


Sinclair International