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Fellow Shooters - May 2014

The spring weather has been pretty variable here in the Midwest, not always as warm as we’d like it, but we’re still starting to have some fun out at the range. A few weeks ago, during a session of our company trap league, we had 36 deg. F. with 20 mph winds and drizzle. Try keeping steady and breaking clay birds in those conditions! Then the most recent time we went out, we had 89 deg. and a warm sunny afternoon. We’re wondering if we’re going to get any spring or just jump right from winter to high summer!

No matter what the weather does, one piece of good news is that nobody in the trap league is having any difficulty finding ammunition this year. For shotgun shells, the outlook is great. We’ve got plenty of shotshells for hunting, and all the clay games – trap, skeet, sporting clays - you name it.

More and more rifle ammunition is also coming back into stock, too. Check out this link to see all the ammo we currently have in stock right now. The only real sticking point remains .22 rimfire. There’s simply so much demand for it right now that the manufacturers just can’t keep up. But it’s looking like the situation might get back to something resembling normal by the end of the year.

We’re still charged up about our trip to Indianapolis for the NRA’s 142nd Annual Meetings & Exhibits. We saw thousands of folks come through the booth. It was awesome to reconnect with so many like-minded friends, suppliers, and especially customers like you. Met a lot of new folks, too. We’re here because we love the sport, but a lot of the fun comes from hanging out with so many great people!

It helps to have the right gear, too. Part of getting your shots to hit the center of the target is seeing it clearly, and we have some great deals on optics to help you do that. Nikon ProStaff 5 scopes and Monarch 3 binoculars are on sale right now. I’ve owned a set of Nikon Monarch 10x42s for over 10 years now, and they are the piece of gear I carry everywhere. They’ve traveled from Alaska to New Mexico and a ton of states between - and even overseas - for hunting, boating, and outdoor use! Here’s the link to the page with these and other Nikon items on sale.

We’re also running a special on the RCBS Rock Chucker Supreme Master Reloading Kit. If you want to get started in reloading - or know a special someone who wants to – this is a great way to get into the game with a top-quality setup that won’t break the budget. The kit is on sale for only $300, plus you get a $50 factory rebate on top of that, which saves you even more money, but only through June 1st. If you were planning to get one of these kits "someday", that day is here right now! We have a couple more "Start of Summer" deals, including almost $500 off the Nightforce 15-55x Competition Scopes, the favorite scope of many benchresters. Also, a special deal on the versatile Sinclair Tactical Bipod, which adjusts for height, as well as footprint for maximum stability.

The new Sinclair Wilson Micro-Adjust Seater.

For new products, I’m pleased to tell you the brand new Sinclair/Wilson Micro-Adjust Seater Dies are now in stock, for a bunch of popular cartridges. We had these on display at the NRA show, and they created quite a buzz. Get your hands on one and see for yourself!

Finally, as a sort of follow-on to our popular Step-By-Step Reloading series, we have a really informative article by Bob Kohl about another critical factor in making highly accurate hand loads: bullet concentricity. Bob explains the basics of why concentricity is important and talks about some of the tools that’ll help you check it.

This is just about the best time of year to get out to the range. Time to shake off the cabin fever, take advantage of the warm (or soon to be warm) weather, and get out there. Pull triggers. Score targets or count broken clay birds. Have fun. Make memories.

Until next month, good shooting!

Geoff Esterline
Sinclair International