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Fellow Shooters - October 2014

October is almost over, and November is tuning up! Fall hunting seasons are in full swing, so there's still plenty of time for outdoor activity. But the first snows will hit sooner than we expect...If you live in a warmer climate, we northerners envy you!

It's time to stock up on components for late-night winter reloading sessions, and just in time to help, our Sinclair 2014-B Catalog is out. If you're a regular customer, you should have your copy by now. If you don't have one, click here to get your free copy.

There's a lot more good news to talk about this month. Primers of all kinds are coming back into stock in good numbers. Here's your chance to replenish a depleted supply and stock up for that winter reloading. While some types of powder are still scarce, other brands and types are back in stock, too. This link will show you what we have on hand at the moment. Of course, the best way to keep up with what's available is to sign up for our regular e-mails, if you haven't already.
Another component that is plentiful now is brass. We now carry once-fired brass from a company called Brass Guys. This isn't your typical dirty, corroded, grungy, bag of cases scavenged from the range. This brass has been cleaned, polished, deprimed, swaged, full-length sized, and trimmed to SAAMI specs. And we've got it by the jug-full for AR-15 shooters in 5.56mm NATO and .300 AAC Blackout. For handgunners, we have 9mm, .40 S&W, and .45 ACP.

If you're prepping your own brass, here are two handy tools from Uniquetek. The Case Mouth & Neck Tension Gauge tells you if the neck has enough tension to hold the bullet correctly. One end of this tool works for .224 diameter case mouths, the other for .308/.310 brass, including .308 Win, 7.62 NATO, .30-06, and 7.62x39mm. On the other end of the shell, the Primer Pocket Swage Gauge tells you if the primer pocket is correctly swaged. The "Go" end of the gauge tells you if the pocket is swaged to the correct depth and warns you if remnants of a crimp are left behind. It'll also indicate if the pocket is loose; if so, flip the tool around and if the "No-Go"; end goes in, the pocket won't hold a primer and is unsafe to use. Simple to use, these tools can really help anyone looking to tighten up their groups.

Of course, the impending winter, at least in the northern latitudes, doesn't mean we have to completely retreat to the reloading room - yet. We can still break out the shotguns! Pheasant season here in Iowa kicks off on October 25 and runs into January. There's also quail and rabbit and squirrel, all of which are great fun to hunt with a scattergun.
Loading your own shotshells can be just as rewarding as working up loads for rifles and handguns. You can configure shotshells for everything from clay birds to deer. The name MEC is synonymous with top-quality shotshell reloading presses – the favorite of many dyed-in-the-wool shotgunners – and we have a big variety of models to choose from.

If you'd rather not "roll your own" and prefer to dust clay birds instead of pheasants, we have great news: after being scarce for a long time, Remington Gun Club shells are back in stock. Not only are they back, we have a special sale on them right now, 12 and 20 gauge in popular loads. A great time to do some more replenishing!
When you're out hunting, you have to find the game in the first place. Steiner Predator Binoculars have superb German-made glass, yet are surprisingly affordable. Definitely some of the best binoculars for the money out there.

If you are in the market for binoculars, here’s another option: we're offering 10% off Swarovski EL Range rangefinding binoculars. These high-tech, precision binos give you a crisp, vivid, crystal-clear image AND they tell you how far away your quarry is. That's probably why professional hunters like them so much.
Wait, let's not forget AR-15 shooters! If you're looking for low-priced AR-15 ammo for practice and high-volume shooting at the range with friends, check out this smoking deal on 500 rounds of Wolf Polyformance .223 in a plastic MTM ammo can. It has 55-grain FMJ bullet, non-corrosive powder and primers, and a polymer-coated steel case.
Bulk ammo deals are great, but there are other ways to get a big supply of good-quality ammunition for practice and competition. The Hornady Lock-N-Load Auto Progressive Press is extremely popular with high-volume reloaders, because of its reliability, versatility, and the broad array of accessories Hornady makes for it. Even better, it is ON SALE through this weekend only. As a further bonus, you can send in a rebate for 500 FREE bullets to get you started. What a great way to launch the winter reloading season!

There are more deals, but no more room in this Reloading Press to talk about them. Keep your eye on our Sales and Clearance page for our latest special offers. We're always adding new ones.

Until next month...shoot straight and take care.

All the Best,

Geoff Esterline
Sinclair International