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Fellow Shooters - September 2013

Fellow Shooters,

Fall has just officially started, and it's that time of year when many of us begin to think more about hunting season than competition shooting. We've got Berger Classic Hunter hybrid bullets, as well as many types of hunting ammo in stock! Deer slugs, big game ammo, shotshells for upland game and waterfowl - it's here.

Still, there's some competitive shooting we'd like to talk about, a bit. As we mentioned last month, Team Sinclair's own Derek Rodgers won the F-Class Nationals F-TR title with a 1270-44X, just ahead of Lige Harris with a 1268-44X. This win is historic, as Rodgers becomes the only person to ever win both the F-TR and F-Open National Championships. He took the F-Open championship back in 2010. The good folks over at AccurateShooter.com recently put up this article about Derek and some of his techniques and equipment.

Immediately after the F-Class National Championships, Team Sinclair shooters and coaches helped pace the US team to wins in the F-Class World Championship, held once every 4 years. The US took both the 8-person and 4-person F-TR team titles, with Sinclair team members Paul Phillips, Brad Sauve, and Derek helping the 8-person team, and members Dan Pohlabel and Ray Gross on the 4-person team. For more details about point totals and individual performances, check out this article.

We're very excited to offer a new product from another outstanding competitive shooter and good friend of ours, Brian Litz. His new DVD, Putting Rounds On Target, gives you the straight dope on how to maximize your hits at long range. Be sure to check out our detailed review of this DVD in this month's Reloading Press!.

Swarovski reps dropped in for a visit this past week, and we had the opportunity to try a few of their fine products out at our local range. Z5 and Z6 riflescopes, as well as their spotting scopes and several bino/rangefinders were on hand for testing and evaluation. I'd share a ton of pictures, but unfortunately, it began storming (first rain here since July 20!) and we got rained out. Not before I fired a 3-shot group from my factory DPMS 20" heavy barreled AR-15 varmint rifle, mounted with a Z6 1-6x riflescope, from one of our new Sinclair Heavy Varmint Rests and Protektor sandbag. I managed to print a 3/8" group on our rep's business card (make-ready target). A testament to DPMS and Swarovski for making high-quality products! Give Swarovski a try if you have the extra cash - pricey but worth every penny when you've already invested thousands on accurizing your rifle for the hunt of a lifetime. "Buy the best and cry once" is one of my favorite mottos to live by.

Our brand new 2013-B Sinclair International Catalog is "hot off the press." It's 268 pages stuffed full of the best products for you! They just started shipping to customers. If you haven't gotten your copy yet, you can view the digital version here, or order your very own free copy here. Even if you receiver our catalog, just remember there just isn't room to put everything we sell in print. To see our full product line, be sure to check out our website!

With the beautiful Harvest Moon we just experienced here in central Iowa, Autumn is here - time for some of the most exciting time afield. Get out there and enjoy it before the inclement weather sets in!

Until next month...shoot straight and take care.

All the best,
Geoff Esterline
Sinclair International