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Fellow Shooters - September 2014

Fellow Shooters,

Great news! Our brand-new 2014-B Sinclair International Catalog is out. It's packed with old favorites and plenty of new products! We just mailed it out to customers. If you haven't gotten your copy yet, you can view the on-line edition here, or order your very own free copy here. Even if you have the catalog, remember that we're adding new products all the time. Check out our website for the latest additions!


Dan Pohlabel won three out of four at Camp Perry.

In a follow-up to our competition coverage last month, I'm very happy to report that Dan Pohlabel of Team Sinclair had a great set of matches at Camp Perry. He won three of the four 1,000-yard shootoffs in F-TR.

Here's Dan with his rifle and 1,000-yard target from Match #705,
which he won with a 195-6x.

Our friend Kelly Bachand recently competed at the inaugural Trijicon World Shooting Championship held in Glengary, West Virginia. This one-of-a-kind match requires competitors to shoot anything and everything. For example, in four days' time, Kelly had to shoot ALL of the following: Bianchi Cup targets and pistols, 3-Gun steel with handguns and AR-15s, F-class rifles at 500 yards, 3-position smallbore, 800-yard targets with a .338 Lapua semi-auto, Five Stand clays, and Wobble Trap Doubles. That's a bewildering array of very different shooting disciplines – and just a sampling of all the different stages!

For a series of blow-by-blow daily reports from Kelly, check out his website. Kelly gives some great insights on what it takes to handle this kind of competition.

Daniel Horner, with the USAMU, won the World Shooting Championship and took home a $50,000 check. Bruce Piatt finished second, and Jerry Miculek took third. Full results right here. This kind of match has to be almost as much fun to watch as it is challenging to compete in!

If you hunt small game or varmints, the Hawke Optics Rimfire Scope is just the thing you need. It has an illuminated reticle with holdover marks etched into the glass starting at 50 yards and reaching all the way out to 200 yards. Just zero at 50, and you can hit anything you can see out to 200 - sweet! Best of all, it's available at a very attractive price. To see the scope in action, check out this video on the Hawke Optics YouTube Channel. As you can see, the scope is also great for fun target shooting at the range, too!

"Nice scope," you say, "but where do I get rimfire ammo so I can use it?" Good news: we now have some .22 rimfire ammunition in stock, made by CI of Mexico. It's standard velocity .22 LR with a 40 grain lead bullet - a basic load that'll shoot in just about any .22 LR gun out there. It will sell out quickly, so we recommend placing your order ASAP. If you do miss it, keep an eye on the website. We're expecting to get a lot more from this source very soon.

Just in time for fall trap league, we also have some great deals on Clever Mirage shotshells. Clever has strong reputation in Europe for high-quality shotgun ammo, and now you can experience it at a great price. Don't be shocked by the prices you see on our website - they're for a 250-round case!

Have you seen the Morr Accuracy Rings in the new 2014-B Sinclair catalog yet? They're some of the nicest benchrest scope rings we've seen. Machined while attached to a common mandrel, these rings have outstanding concentricity, and they virtually eliminate the need for lapping before you mount a scope. We have them for 1" and 30mm scopes, in standard and offset profiles, for 11mm and 3/8" Davidson rails.

To wring the most precision possible out of your handloads, pick up the Hornady Case Neck Wall Thickness Gauge. Designed to go with the Hornady Concentricity Gauge, this tool measures neck wall thickness down to .0005". It's great for sorting cases by neck wall thickness or to verify the accuracy of your turning operation. Easy to use, and it even comes with inserts for the 10 most popular calibers, so you can start checking cases right out of the box.

Even though the weather may be cooling down now that Fall is officially here, our hobby/sport is still going full steam. This is truly one of the best seasons for shooters. Get out to the range or into the field and enjoy it!

Until next month. . . shoot straight and take care.

All the best,

Geoff Esterline
Sinclair International