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Putting Rounds On Target With Bryan Litz – A Review

Putting Rounds on Target with Bryan Litz
Bryan Litz is well-known as the Chief Ballistician for Berger bullets, as proprietor of Applied Ballistics, an accomplished competition shooter, an author, and for his work on air-to-air missile design in the U.S. Air Force. With the release of his 3-DVD set Putting Rounds On Target with Bryan Litz (#100-013-073) he just might get another title – science teacher.
Bryan Litz
Bryan Litz

Litz walks you through the science of long-range shooting for more than three hours in his disc series, and teaches you the “what” and the “how” of getting accurate hits at long range. Most importantly, he also teaches you “why.”

Have you ever wondered why long-range shooters really prefer to start out with a 100-yard zero, or why it’s 100 yards, and not 50 yards or 200 yards? Litz will explain why. Have you ever wondered why a heavy bullet that has a high ballistic coefficient and looks great on paper might get outperformed on the range by a lighter bullet with a lower ballistic coefficient? He’ll explain that, too.

He’ll teach you how to best use a chronograph, and how to analyze and interpret standard deviation data to help improve your shooting. He’ll explain how to calculate a ballistic coefficient, and why a bullet’s “form factor” may cause the BC to drop off radically downrange as it loses velocity. He’ll even teach you how to use a piece of paper, a carpenter’s level, and a felt tip  marker to test your scope’s elevation adjustments to help maximize long-range accuracy.

The first two discs are mostly set in a classroom, with Litz going through the key concepts of long-range shooting. He defines the differences between "precision" and "accuracy." He covers ballistic coefficient, chronographs, and statistics and trajectory terminology. He presents these advanced, complicated ideas in an easy-to-understand, clear and simple style. Bryan’s explanation of “point-blank range” is one of the best I have ever seen. He addresses both the informal and usually incorrect usage of the term, as well as the ballistic realities behind it - and shows how understanding “point-blank range” can help you increase your shooting success.

In the second disc, Litz gets deeper into ballistics and examines topics including “Primary Elevation Influences,” “Wind,” and “Secondary Effects” like spin drift and the Coriolis Effect that come into play at very long range. He shows how to use ballistic solvers and how to properly select equipment for long-range shooting.

In the third disc, we get to see Bryan on the range, putting the science and tools to use. He gets hits out to 1,000 yards and beyond with a 338 Lapua Magnum, a 308 Winchster, and even a 284 Winchester. Ever the teacher, Litz shows you both the hits and the misses – though there aren’t many misses! – and makes sure to tell you why a shot struck where it did and why one rifle consistently hits about 1 MOA higher than the ballistic calculator predicts it should. He breaks down the numbers and the results for each rifle at every range to tell you what happened and why it happened.

Finally, Litz teaches you why shooting at extended ranges – beyond the supersonic travel of a particular cartridge – is so much more difficult and less predictable. He shows you the proper equipment for practicing at extended ranges, and demonstrates extended range shooting by firing on a target one mile away with a 338 Lapua Magnum.

Whether you’re just getting started into long range shooting, or have been shooting long range for years, Bryan Litz has something to offer in this DVD set, He even includes a bonus disc with a documentary on the 2013 Berger Southwest Long Range Nationals held at the Ben Avery Shooting Range near Phoenix, Arizona. You’ll learn ballistic science and how to apply it. And you’ll have fun watching Bryan and other top-flight competitors shoot very well at very long ranges.

Roy Hill
Brownells/Sinclair Copywriter