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The Nightforce Optical Cleaning Kit is a necessary companionfor your Nightforce riflescope. It is packaged in a convenient,reliable carrying case. The kit contains all of theitems needed to professionally care for thelenses on your riflescope. Included is aquality, retractable, ultra-soft bristledbrush to remove large particles. It alsocomes with a scientifically formulated,non-degrading, lens cleaning fluid that worksin harmony with the coatings on the lenses.Finally, the kit contains the industry’s best splitmicro-fiber cloth that works better than anymaterial currently on the market. The clothis static free and can be washed and reusedmultiple times. (Do not use fabric softener whilewashing the cloth)

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Sinclair, Issue:5B, Page:214

NIGHTFORCE - Nightforce Optical Cleaning Kit

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