The Sinclair/AOS MicroSight is a revolutionary solution to a problem that’s plagued riflemen since the beginning of rifle shooting itself: how to see both the target and the front sight clearly at the same time. A legitimate “game changer” doesn’t come along very often in the precision shooting world these days, so when we heard the MicroSight called one, we were, frankly, pretty skeptical. Then we tried it—and couldn’t believe the difference it made in sight picture and group size. The MicroSight uses “phased zone plate” technology in two tiny, internal lenses to produce two distinct focal points, so you see both the front sight AND the target perfectly clear, crisp, and in focus at the same time. You get a dramatically enhanced sight picture for more precise aiming and faster target acquisition that leads to superior accuracy and smaller groups. It gives iron sight target shooters, hunters, and military/law enforcement marksmen an amazing capability previously available only with a scope, red dot, or holographic sight.

Invented by David Crandall, an engineer at Idaho National Laboratory, a competitive shooter and U.S. Palma Team member, the MicroSight is actually a small add-on device that adds essentially no weight (OK, a few grams) or bulk to your rifle. It screws between the sight body and the rear aperture on adjustable rear sights from Centra, Gehmann, RPA, Warner, PNW, Anschutz, and similar models that have a 9.5mm x 1 thread pitch and require a rear-to-front radius of approximately 33" (84cm). For best results, use with 1.5mm or larger aperture setting.

Sinclair, Issue:5B, Page:217
Discontinued by Sinclair

Product has been discontinued and no longer available.