RCBS PRO MELT - 2 | Sinclair Intl

Trouble Free Melting for Casting Lead Bullets

The RCBS Pro-Melt-2™ casting furnace provides trouble-free melting and blending of lead alloy for those who believe that handloading includes casting your own bullets. The heavy-duty Pro-Melt-2™ furnace has a programmable temperature control with digital readout and an industrial quality thermostat.

RCBS set up the Pro-Melt-2™ furnace with a bottom pour spout to ensure smooth, even dispensing of molten alloy into the mold cavities, which helps prevent shrinkage voids. The bottom dispenser also helps prevent dangerous spills of hot lead.

  • 25 lb. capacity
  • Steel safety pot cover keeps impurities out of lead & protects user from splashes
  • Models for standard (U.S.) 120-volt or 240- volt AC electrical systems

With its generous 25 lb. capacity, the RCBS Pro-Melt-2™ furnace gives you the capacity to quickly mold hundreds of high-quality bullets - so you can get in front of the loading press, cranking out ammo pronto!


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Discontinued by Sinclair

Product has been discontinued and no longer available.