Classic Case Trimmer Kit w/ Pilots & Collets : FORSTER CLASSIC CASE TRIMMER KIT | Sinclair Intl

Case Trimmer kit, Classic - includes 3 pilots (458, 505, & 510) and 3 collets (5, 6, & 7). Larger than our Original Case Trimmer, The Classic was the first production model trimmer on the market to accommodate a large range of classic cartridges. It's suitable for more than three-hundred different big bore calibers from popular big game rifles to classic black powder calibers. (The Classic trims case lengths from 1 7/8" long through 4 1/8" long; shorter cases can be trimmed by mounting on a standard length base.) For collectors of vintage firearms, for "Cowboy" competitors and reenactors, and for owners of fine English single- and double-rifles chambered in hard hitting calibers like 500 Nitro Express, .416 Rigby, 50 Sharps, .475 Nitro Exp, etc., this is the hand case trimmer that will allow accurate reloading. This kit includes collets 5, 6 & 7 and pilots 458, 505 & 510.

Sinclair, Issue:5B, Page:014


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