• Digital calipers offer 4 measuring capabilities: outside dimensions, such as diameters, measured with the large jaws, inside dimensions measured with the smaller jaws, depth measurements with the extending rod, and step measurements taken from the back end of the jaws.
  • Smooth movement of caliper with very accurate measurement along the entire travel
  • Large LCD Numerals for easy reading in 5 Digit display with resolution of .0005"/0.01mm
  • Measurement data can be output through SPC interface port to computer
  • 3 function button: On/Off, Zero reset, Inch/mm conversion
  • 1 SPC output port
  • Firm and crisp response feel on all 3 push buttons, unlike the soft feel from many other import digital calipers
  • Zero point can be set anywhere along the full travel for comparing measurement
  • Features auto turn-off if sit idle to save battery power; when turn on the caliper at the same measurement coordinate (without changing the travel of the caliper) it will remember the numeric value of this coordinates before it auto turn-off
  • Hardened stainless steel body to give solid feel from your first touch and graduation on the caliper scale surface is easy to ready and prevent glare hardened, ground and lapped measuring faces
  • Includes: Lithium Battery (3V CR2032), Caliper manual, Fitted in plastic case

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