REDDING TYPE S NECK DIE, 338/06 | Sinclair Intl

The Bushing Neck Sizing Die by Redding provides reloaders with a 7/8"" - 14 die that utilizes interchangeable bushings for precise case neck resizing. This allows the reloader to control the amount of sizing being done to his cases. A reloader can eliminate oversizing his brass by selecting a bushing just right for his cases and chamber. Available in 53 calibers with interchangeable bushings in .001 increments. The decapping rod is supplied with a standard size expander ball to ensure that the inside neck diameter is round and true for proper bullet fit, and a decapping pin retainer for sizing without the expander ball installed. Adjustable decapping rod allows positioning of the bushing to resize only the portion of neck length desired. Dies supplied without bushings. Sold separately or as part of a set.

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Cartridge: 338-06 A-Square