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All of the innovative features found on the 8567N Grabber,plus automatic indexing and finished-shell ejection forquicker and easier reloading. The 9000GN and 9000HNprovide high-speed, high-volume reloading at its best.The revolutionary Auto-Dex™ automaticallymoves the shells through each stage bysimply returning the handle to the top ofits stroke, to deliver accurately resized shells.Automatically ejects finished shells from the shellcarrier after final crimping. Only minimal adjustment isneeded to change from low to high brass domestic shells.The 9000HN hydraulically-operated reloader has thefastest, smoothest indexing system ever made. Theoperator inserts empty shells and wads, and lets thereloader do the rest. Reloading operations are performedat all six stations with each complete downstrokeof the foot pedal. Factory-set speed provides uniformmovement through every reloading stage regardless ofoperator action. The 9000HN comes complete with hydraulicpump and hose. If you already have an existing hydraulic pumpand hose, purchase the 9001HN.The 9000GN and 9000HN are available in 12, 20, 28gauge and .410 bore, and includes three powder bushingsfor the particular gauge/bore. Die sets are not availableto convert the 9000GN or 9000HNto othergauges. A conversion kit to reload 3 shellsfor 12 and 20 gauge is available.

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MEC RELOADING - MEC 9000GN & 9000HN Series Shot Shell Press

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