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This manual, single-stage, seven station shotshell press is perfect for the value-minded shooter whodemands precision and accurate loads. Reloaders will enjoy loading their favorite sized lead or steelshot and hulls up to 3.5 using The Mini Grand, which is capable of turning out 200 rounds perhour. It utilizes the same high-quality powder and shot bushings as its big brother, The Grand.

The Mini Grand frame is made of high-strength steel with a high-grade aluminum base castingthat features RCBS’s legendary Compound Leverage System. A larger working window givesreloaders better visibility and performance. The powder and shot bushings change out in less than oneminute. A ½ lb. hopper holds your favorite smokeless powder, while a 12½ lb. hopper holds the steelor lead shot in the size of your choosing. This press sizes the hull’s brass head, so no adjustments necessary.An easy-to-use wad guide system, lets you place a wad any time during the reloading process.Accepts RCBS or Hornady powder and shot bushings. RCBS’s unique shell holderdesign ensures accurate hull placement. An optional, seventh station can be set up for a Taper Crimp die(sold separately) for more reliable feeding in auto-loading and pump-action shotguns. Features RCBS’sfamous lifetime warranty. Not for use with Black Powder.

Sinclair, Issue:2B, Page:071

RCBS - RCBS Mini Grand Shotshell Reloading Press

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