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The U8000 Tripod is an affordable, versatile tripod for your chronograph, spotting scope, digital camera or video camera. Tripod has a 3-way panhead with a Quick Release Platform for fast, easy mounting of accessories and cameras (Quick Release has standard one fourth-twenty photo thread). The tripod extends to 71 inches with the center column all the way up, and collapses to 23.25 inches completely closed. Minimum mounting height is 21.5 inches, and a 4.5 pound camera or accessory can be mounted. The tripod legs are supported by a Torsion Resisting Leg Brace which automatically opens two legs when one is opened. Weight of this tripod is 3.3 pounds.

Sinclair, Issue:5B, Page:233

SLIK - SLIK U8000 Photo/Video/Shooters Tripod

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Style: Chronograph Accessory