Turner slings are used worldwide in service rifle competitions and are recognized as one the best among shooters. All Turner slings are made by hand to the original U.S. Government specifications and are correct for use on U.S. military rifles with one and one fourth inch sling swivels.

Turner offers service rifle slings in high-grade oak tanned leather and in Biothane (a synthetic material - see Sinclair Service Rilfe Sling for description). Hardware is parkerized steel and sling adjustment holes or obling and numbered. Turner slings include two keepers.

Turner leather slings are available in 50 inch or 54 inch lengths in black or tan color. The Biothane sling is available in 54 inch length in black only. Many shooters prefer the 54 inch sling when shooting an AR-15 because the sling swivels are about one and one half inch further apart than on an M1A. Shooters over 6 feet tall shooting an AR-15 should definitely order the 54 inch sling. Both lengths and colors are service rifle legal in CMP and NRA matches.

Sinclair, Issue:5B, Page:219
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Color: Tan

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Color: Black

Material: BioThane

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